The Third Host

Meeting Crestfall

I’d been running around and enjoying the general disarray of Crestfall when I got rolled in one of my favorite gambling halls by a handsome man I came later to know as Ranulfr. He challenged me to retrieve the establishment’s finest wine kept under lock and ogre in the basement. Instead of the usual cloak and dagger approach, I enlisted one of the more prominent players as a guide to the basement. Stupid elves have a weak sense of fun. A simple poisoning kept my escort and ogre from noticing me slipping away with the prized bottle and a very near vintage.

Upon rendezvous with Ranulfr I learned he has a fuzzier side to his personality that his three wives get to enjoy. Oh well, c’est la vie. He also requested I look into the Black Scourge Fungi infection that’s been plaguing the locals. The disarray makes more sense now.

I ran across a few others working on the infection issue and we’ll all band together to fetch the needed ingredients to try to give the young and old the strength to overcome the ailment. Had to get rid of a few goblins but after two days in the country (not going to bring up how we got the horses) we returned with the ingredients. We also picked up a friendly druid named Ailedayn. The priest exchanged my reward for a potion for the house man’s relative and helpful lumberjack’s nephew.


celtictriune celtictriune

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