The Third Host

Seythinel Steps In

My sister asked me to update her journal for her, given that she is currently… extremely distraught over what had happened. I will explain that shortly, but I must start at the beginning.

My name is Seythinel, and I am Ailedayn’s twin sister. More than that, I am a kaldorei Warden, charged both with watching over those that have been imprisoned for heinous crimes, and tracking down those that have escaped. Thankfully, the latter doesn’t happen very often, but it is the source of why I am here in Alterac.

I was sent to track down a horrible creature that escaped during the original confusion as Deathwing’s forces laid siege to Mount Hyjal. A satyr by the named of Tyrus Blackhorn escaped, playing a naive adventurer for a dupe, into releasing him. What the adventurer gained is beyond me, but if I find the sorry… I must apologize. I dislike people that make my job harder. As I was writing, I was hunting down Tyrus, and the trail led here to Alterac. I was quite surprised to see the walls of the city were repaired and that the city appeared inhabited, as I had heard of the city’s sacking after the Second War. I did not have time to investigate, however, as I was found and taken by surprise by a foul ogre warlock.

It shames me to have to write those words, but I let my guard down, and I was taken prisoner as a result. I feared that I was going to be eaten, or subject to some other terrible tortures, but the warlock seemed disinterested in me as soon as I was in the cage. It moved about, ignoring my presence for an entire week, though I did noticed that the ogre’s eyes had a strange glassy look whenever it fed me. And while the food wasn’t gourmet, it was far better fare than I expected from such a beast.

A week I languished in the cave, until suddenly two humans, a dwarf, a damned blood elf of all things, and my twin entered the cave. They had little chance to react before Ailedayn became a great panther and attacked the ogre. I did not know my little sister had it in her, especially with her vow, but she fought hard enough to make me proud. I was ill equipped to handle the morose, sullen demeanor she took on as she came back to herself. The party dispatched the warlock with little trouble, and I introduced myself to them, tending to Ailedayn. They explained everything that had gone on with Alterac as we made our way back to a place called Crushridge Hold. The party seemed torn on whether or not to attack, but ultimately decided against it. It was only when we got to Alterac that I learned that what they had told me was utterly true.

I will take this moment to put for the record that Adosael, Lycemdion and Ranulfr have terrifying pasts, ones that make me truly afraid for what the end game in Alterac is. Adosael, known as the Corrupter, is well known as one of Deathwing’s oldest disciples. He was imprisoned a full century ago, but broke out of prison the year after the end of the Third War. He has proven himself a admirable hero, but I have heard of his exploits beforehand, including aiding Illidan just before the Sundering. Ranulfr is a reputed womanizer, and an assassin besides. He is currently wanted by the Alliance for attempting to murder Varian Wrynn’s son, but I have not ascertained the truth of that yet, so I will wait before capturing him. I know little of Lycemdion, but I’ve heard that he once trained the troops of the Burning Legion, and he does bear the markings of a eredar, not of a draenei.

That aside, it was the night of my release that all hell broke loose. The ogres attacked Alterac in force, during the night. It wasn’t as much of surprise to anyone in Alterac, and the attack was well prepared for. Still, the ogres managed to breach the walls, and the party took it upon themselves to go toe to toe with the ogre magi that Ailedayn mentioned in her previous journal entry. Such valor is admirable, if not foolhardy. Still the party prevailed after a fierce battle, killing the magi and ending the raid. We found out then that four of the women that had been rescued from the ogres’ clutches were taken in the raid.

Adosael has asked the party to storm Crushridge Hold and reclaim the kidnapped women, as well as put an end to Mug’thol’s threat to Alterac. I will not be joining them, as Ailedayn seems determined to go with them. I have my work set out for me anyway. I wish them luck, and pray that Ailedayn returns to fill this journal with what went on.

May Elune guide them.


celtictriune celtictriune

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