The Third Host

Up to Speed

As I was spending time in Dalaran after leaving Gilneas, I found a way to pay my bills by picking random duels with fighters in the Dalaran sewers. One day I was making my money, and I challenged a prideful orc battlemaster. He rejected my challenge, and I took him for a coward. As the duel went on, he had three of his lackeys join the battle. At that moment, a dwarf jumped in to help me fight them off. We defeated the lackeys, and the battlemaster stopped the fight. The dwarf, Rudsin, and I then found the orc to be a pleasant fellow, offering to buy us drinks. We drank and blacked out. When we awoke, the orc was gone and Rudsin and I were in Menethil. Finally leaving there, we found our way to Hillsbrad. We came across some Forsaken pirates, and after killing them we freed a strange man called Drake. After joining us we continued our current path, we then came across a fellow worgen named Ranulfr. He introduced us to a rogue named Tanin. Ranulfr took us to the new Kingdom of Alterac, where we met Adosael, one of the greatest priests ever. He is making a new kingdom where Horde and Alliance are both living together in harmony. We are continuing to help Adosael and all the other people within Alterac.


celtictriune celtictriune

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